Foolery Art, Cartoons Inspired by My Norfolk Terrier Artie aka Tom Foolery and Previous Slighlty Strange Collection of Animals. Click on the Swimming Terrier photo to be taken to my Etsy Shop.

My world would not be complete without a studio dog to keep me company and drag me out for walks. My first one was a Shih Tzu called Raffles, then came my odd eyed dog Ratty who lived an extraordinary life! Overcoming paralysis and saved by TV's The Bionic Vet, Noel FitzPatrick. Aged ten years old she went walkabout in the Devil's Punchbowl and was missing for ten days. She survived and lived on to a ripe old age. Now I have Artie whose Kennel Club name is Tom Foolery, he lives up to his given name at every opportunity and has inspired many cartoons! Click Foolery for his Etsy Shop!